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Hello there!

This is going to be a special page on my blog, written in English, where you can keep track of things I experience during my Dream Accomplishment process. Don`t know what I`m talking about?

Here it is:

Because my initiative was taken into consideration by some very kind people (Cristina Bazavan and Doru from Agentia de Implinit Dorinte), I woke up this morning and got to my first band meeting. Yeah, I think I found a band to manage and grow with! It`s called Electric Fence and they have a totally new vibe and fresh sound. I`m going to keep you posted about these guys, we are about to do some great things together! ;)

Meanwhile, I`m looking for a new visual identity, since I have this huge drive about being a Rock Band`s publicist. I have a few ideas, but no design talent.

Is it a cliché to end by saying ROCK ON?!

LATER EDIT: The band being fresh, you can help me promote it or at least share some Likes and Dislikes. In order for us to “catch” the radio stream, please cast your vote HERE, if you liked Electric Fence`s – Stressless. For more tunes, check THIS SITE or look for us on


ROCK STAR FACTS. Things you can see blindfolded.

1. There will always be the groupies. Not only the tour groupies, but the Facebook, Twitter, forum, site groupies. Those chicks that have a comment for every picture, that fill your page with xOxO`s, that wake up in the morning, open their computer and leave you a message: I love you very much, can`t wait to die in your arms, can`t wait to go to sleep again and dream of you, you are hot (and other Hotness facts), your smile makes my day, I love your eyes, nice tattoos, you are the greatest, OMG OMG OMG. Shish! Those chicks can`t even tell a fanpage from an official one. They drive me nuts. And I bet they drive the rockstar nuts, too.

2. There will always be the haters. And now I mean chicks. Those chicks that hate your girlfriend. They call her names, they stalk her, they are trying to tell you who`s the right person to be with (them, of course, d`oh :) ). Those chicks that pretend to be with you and tell other fanpage visitors about your steamy night spent together while touring in Europe. Those chicks that live in a fantasy world. That LIKE each and every one of your 29487536 pictures on Facebook.

3. The other haters – MEN. Those who hate you because you replaced their favourite singer/guitarist/drummer in the band. Those who hate you because you`re a RockStar and get to have groupies. Those who want to be you. Who hate you because you can really play. Who hate you because you make money.

There are two types of RockStars here: the one loved by the girls, and girls only -> therefore hated by the guys.

the one loved by both categories. The “You are real, man. You are an awesome artist” type of a RockStar. I couldn`t find an explanation just yet, why did the first category appear. Anyway…

Back to training my ears and enjoy some live-recorded concerts.

Spending more and more time planning smart things for Electric Fence with the band`s manager and lead singer, Elena.

Constant brainstorming and ear training. People to contact. A strong team needed.

I can tell you that our concept will rock and surprise you, as well. We have a new photographer and graphician, can`t tell you his name, yet. Two hours, that`s what it took to come up with a whole new vision. Awesome meeting :) (7 october 2010).