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Guns n Roses made my 21st September

Posted by on 22 September 2010 in De zi cu zi | 6 comments

First, there was an empty stage

Then there were them GUNS. Starting with the awesome/hot guitarist Dj ASHBA who worked the stage like a God with an evil look and kinky smile.

And then there was Axl with his voice and his moves and his interactions with the three guitarists. Here`s AXL with Dj ASHBA.

Yeah, life in the front row was pretty good. No sound problems, the guitar solos – a feast, that vibe, those artists! I LOVED the gig! Who knows if I`ll ever get to see them again?

Tips: Golden Circle means you won`t have to wine about the show the day after. For a full experience. For Axl Rose singing in front of you. For Guns n Roses so close that you can almost touch them.


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  1. Teodora

    With a 15 years older, 20 kg fatter and long pans Axl (not to mention the alcohol and drugs that past through him in the afore mentioned 15 years) and with no Slash, may I have my doubts about the full experience part?

    • theannemarie

      But of course you may. Thing is I haven`t seen Guns n Roses before, with Slash and with an Axl singing in his underwear. But DJ Ashba, I dare to say, is the New Slash. And from my point of view, they still got it. If only they were on time :)

    • theannemarie

      My heart gently weeps :) Oricât de tare m-ar supăra comportamentul unui artist al cărui fan cică mă declar, nu l-aş face de cacao. Nu pot să zic Guns n Shit cum nu pot să zic de fiecare dată când mă cert cu cea mai bună prietenă că e o retardată. Liking the band only in the good times, not my style.

  2. Babucki

    Draga theannemarie, sunt de acord cu tine, nu-mi vine sa cred ce scriu oamenii acestia, nu inteleg de unde atata ura si inversunare.
    I loved the show in Bucharest, thank you GN’R!

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