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I don`t wanna be a Rock Star. I wanna be a Rock Star`s PR

Posted by on 24 September 2010 in De zi cu zi | 12 comments

Where did this crazy thought come from?

It started not long ago,to be more exact I was inspired by the fantastic vibes at the Guns N Roses show in Bucharest. 21st September. That`s when I realized I want to be the smart chick rolling with the band. No, not the “one-night-stand” chick that every hot guitarist can nail, but the “She is Anne, she`s the best woman in our staff”. For many of you this can be a silly girl`s dream. It sure may sound silly. People started calling me crazy, but you should see my eyes sparkle when I talk about this. It`s DOable and I`m gonna prove it.

Ok, so what now? I`m gonna start a great research :)

What do you need in order to get to be in this world of fame? Can a Romanian do it? Can I do it? At 22? That`s a question I`m gonna answer probably after a while, until then I just want to gain some Know-How. I`m sure that college (SNSPA, Communication and Public Relations) and my master`s degree in Communication and Advertising will teach me some basics, but I need a Mamma/Pappa Bear to take me under her/his protective… wings :). I`m ready to be a scholar for everyone that`s willing to teach me some tricks. And work together in a smart manner.

Now I can make some assumptions and say that this job I started dreaming about requires a strong personality (check), balls (not pshysichally check, but mentally check!) and the power to handle crazy scenery and situations (not check yet, that`s why I`m writing this). I have that in me. I don`t want to just sit back and watch the years pass and end up being frustrated because I wasted a hell of a lot of potential. I`m in for the thrill! I just need a crazy person to believe in me and “raise” me.I hope that in two years time I can go on and say Mum, look at me! I`m willing to learn from anybody: a personal assistant, a stage manager, a tour manager, so-help-me-God some rockstar himself/herself.

So please, please, spread the word, I want to do this more than anything and I`m super-ready to start anytime!

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