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When I was young and stupid…

Posted by on 1 September 2010 in De zi cu zi | 4 comments

I wanted to be a columnist. So I created a blog and a fake identity and started pouring “words of wisdom” in my Doctor Love tone. Now all that seems stupid. Back then I wanted it to really work. Worldwide :)

Postez asta pentru că e fain să râzi de tine şi să îţi aminteşti până şi de id-ul ăla tembel de Messenger.

Nu ziceam chiar aşa mare prostie, e fain că fetele dorm cu fetele toată ziua (eu tocmai am împărţit patul cu o fată pe toată perioada facultăţii). Aaaaanyway…


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  1. David

    Well, when i was young i wanted to be a comunist..

  2. theannemarie

    You wanted to be what you really were, at least for a year. I didn`t get to be a columnist :) Columnist, no comunist :)

  3. David

    well go at it. that’s the purpose of life. be what you wanna be, then move on and want something else. again and again.

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