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Ce ne dorim de la viata

Posted by on 2 December 2014 in De zi cu zi | 0 comments

Ce ne dorim de la viata

Căutam o imagine pentru ilustrarea articolului precedent și-am dat să caut Is that too much to ask?, iar de aici am început să citesc dorințele oamenilor obișnuiți. Un fel de wishlist public, pentru că fiecare crede câte puțin în ideea: if you put it out there, o să se îndeplinească. Sau cel puțin asta e explicația mea.

I just want to wake up next to someone and see them with their messy hair and sleepy smile and hear their sleepy voice as they pull me closer and tell me good morning while kissing my forehead


I want friends who will constantly take nice pictures of me when I’m not looking


Life goal: Find someone like Hunter Hayes and marry him.


things i wanna do

  • drop out of school
  • open up a bakery
  • get a dog
  • find a girl to marry
  • live happily ever after


Someone just please love me and have sex with me and eat food with me and debate about the world with me.


Ugh I want to dive, climb, sail, explore, eat food, and make love in beautiful places all over the world.


I just want cuddles and a Quentin Tarantino movie marathon.


I would really just like to sit on my floor, listen to music, and enjoy someone’s company.


Cam ceea ce ne dorim cu toții: o pereche, discuții interesante, filme bune, pat cald și bani ca să vedem lumea.


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